Many jobs in the entertainment industry aren’t taught. Instead, you have to learn them on the job, which leads to a high level of inconsistency and misinformation.

Even worse, for certain jobs, if you want to move up in the industry, take on a better position, challenge yourself, you often have to spend years learning from someone else to earn the privilege to try for something more.

We want to change that.

Trade/Craft offers select courses, taught by industry leaders, in an intensive 6 or 8 week program. When you finish you have a major head start, with the tools to impress and advance in your career faster than ever before.

How Does Trade/Craft Work For You?


The first step is to take a class that will best match your career goals. The concept of our classes is to teach not only the skill, but also the many intricacies surrounding the job: How to communicate with producers or other creatives, what to do when you arrive on day one, what forms and tools you need (in addition to the creative tool itself) to manage the job.

When done you will not only have the artistic skill, but also know how to navigate the business, which most classes fail to teach.


Once you’ve satisfactorily completed a class, you will receive a Completion Certificate, and you can add the training to your resume, including the name of your instructor. This will give you a unique boost when sending out that resume, and your understanding of the job will be evident to prospective employers.

But another level is available to you as well. As part of your class fee, you are eligible to become Certified, which means you become eligible for the Trade/Craft Placement Portal

Placement Portal

While we can never guarantee a job, our Placement Portal gives a wide range of entertainment companies access to our Certified graduates. Companies in our portal are hiring on a daily basis, so completing your certification will put your resume in front of real employers.

Trade/Craft will also maintain records on all Certified (and non-certified) graduates, and these records will remain available to potential employers for as long as you want it in our system. 

Upcoming Class Schedule

Standard classes are 8 weeks, with start dates listed here.
3-Day Intensives will show complete class days. 





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February 9
March 29
Color class completes
February 10
Assistant Editing
8-week course starts
March 30
Assistant Editing class completes
February 11
Post-Production Producing
8-week course starts
April 7
Post Production Producing class completes
February 12
Visual Effects Producing
8-week course starts
April 1
Visual Effects Producing class completes
February 13
Independent Producing
8-week course starts
April 2
Independent Producing class completes
February 21-23
Visual Effects Producing
February 28-March 1
Independent Producing

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Classes Coming Soon

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*Please note that all classes require students to have a background in the field prior to attending the class. See each class for specific details of suggested requirements. Trade/Craft classes will achieve the best result if students are already knowledgable about certain software, trade practices and language. Classes offered by Trade/Craft should not be considered introductory courses. Basic film skills will not be taught in our classes. For more information, see the Student Manual.


Insight, tips & good stories from our instructors and friends in the industry.
Good Enough… Isn’t
November 25, 2019 | No Comments

by John FK Parenteau

I grew up in a small town and worked at a local grocery store when I was in high school. The owner was somewhat notorious for liking things done his way, and that sensibility was instilled in every employee, from top to bottom.

by Brett Roach

Assistant Editor and Trade/Craft instructor Brett Roach ("The Rookie) gives us some insight in to the world of assistant editing...
“So Say We All!”
September 15, 2019 | No Comments

by Paul M. Leonard

In the middle of my 22 year freelance career in episodic post-production, the pilot for “Battlestar Galactica” landed on me.  Production was wrapping the 4 hour mini-series pilot in Vancouver...


Why should we take one of YOUR classes?

Unlike a film school or class that teaches theory, our classes dig in deep, to the day to day information you need to work in a field. Graduating from one of our classes will not just give you a conceptual understanding of the job, but a practical tool set to excel in an entertainment job. NO other school teaches what Trade/Craft teaches.

What's different about Trade/Craft?

Trade/Craft is the truest form of Trade School. We teach you a craft that you can use immediately, rather than offer a degree program filled with a lot of extra information you may already know.

Why are the classes in the evening? Why one night a week?

Most of our students are working professionals already, looking to expand their knowledge in a new area. We try to offer classes that can be attended in the evenings after work, and only one night a week to avoid impacting your regular schedule too much.

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors are working professionals at the top of their game. You won’t just be learning from an experienced person, but from someone who is in touch with what employers are looking for, and can give you the skills to make a serious move into a new discipline.

Do you guarantee a job?

We can’t guarantee a job, but we do know that the skills you will learn are critical to getting one, and to being at the top of your game.

Do you offer placement or job fairs?

Currently we do not, but we plan to offer a way for you to connect with potential employers in the future. If you are a graduate of one of our classes, we want you to be successful, and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

Trade/Craft classes are held @ Industrious, a unique shared workspace in the heart of Glendale, California.

The class space is conveniently located off CA 134, with on-site parking, nearby transit and close to
downtown Los Angeles or the Burbank Airport.

Industrious, the home to Trade/Craft
500 N. Brand Blvd
Suite 2000
Glendale, CA 91203
(747) 291-6562

Contact Us

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Use this contact form to reach an advisor.

Or call us at (818) 570-6418

    In a continuing effort to increase class value, Trade/Craft reserves the right to change class content and/or instructors, and does not guarantee the listed instructor will teach their listed class every semester. Trade/Craft reserves the right to change, modify reschedule or cancel classes if student count is too low, or if extenuating circumstances require us to do so, including natural disasters, instructors having personal or professional conflicts, or other reasons determined by Trade/Craft management. If single classes are rescheduled during a semester due to any of the above reasons, and students are unable to attend, no refund, in part or in whole, will be provided by Trade/Craft, but the company will attempt to provide the student with appropriate material, if any, that was distributed during the missed class. Students who place a deposit on classes may received a 100% refund if requested within 30 days of the start of class. No refunds will be provided within one week (7 days) before the start of class, nor once the class has started. For more details on refunds or credits, as well as all information regarding a student’s rights while attending a Trade/Craft class, please download our Student Manual.