Getting Certified

When you compete a class with Trade/Craft you receive a Completion Certificate that states you completed the course, and can list that and the instructor on your résumé.

But we offer another level: Trade/Craft Certification.

The idea behind Certification is to go beyond simply sending you on your way having taken the class. A Certified graduate has not only completed the course, but has also been approved by the instructor and a panel of professionals to be a well rounded candidate that understand the intricacies of the job from day one.

Trade/Craft offers three Certified levels:

Gold – Often reserved for professionals making minor shifts in their careers, and have taken the class to brush up on details. Imagine, for example, a colorist who uses one piece of software but takes a Trade/Craft course to learn a second kind of color software. They are accomplished already, but making a shift within the same field.

Silver – For those that already have some experience, but are shifting to an entirely different tract. Imagine, for example, a production coordinator who chooses to switch roles to a Visual Effects Producer. While a similar job, it is an entirely different discipline, and thus not a simple transition.

Bronze – This graduate might be new to the industry, but shows an excellent grasp of the job, and a strong understanding of the role they have just completed studies for.

To be eligible for certification, you must satisfactorily complete a class with Trade/Craft, and schedule an appointment with the Certification Panel. Sounds scary, but don’t worry! Your instructor and two other professionals will simply sit down with you and discuss what you have learned. The goal is to see how will you understand the job, and what level you would be most comfortable working in. Ultimately, Trade/Craft, the instructor and management are recommending you for a job, so we want to be sure you are a good fit. 

Once you are Certified, you can take advantage of the Placement Portal. Click below to learn more.

Trade/Craft reserves the right to withhold certification from any student that does not, in the opinion of the instructor and management, display a competent understanding of all aspects of the job. A student may appeal the final decision, and re-meet with the panel for re-consideration, but if the appeal does not result in Certification, the student cannot appeal a second time.