Placement Portal

With most entertainment classes, once you compete the course you’re on your own. But we wanted to do something different.

The founders of Trade/Craft have worked in the industry for years, and have developed close relationships with many of the top production and post-production facilities in the business. With those relationships, we developed The Placement Portal, a unique way to get the word out that you have been trained in a specific job, and are ready to work!

Once you are Certified we will send out your résumé (don’t forget to add the class and instructor to it!) to all the companies listed below, who have joined our Placement Portal. These companies are often looking for trained and talented artists or production personnel just like you, and with your Trade/Craft Certification we’re letting them know that you are not only trained, but qualified for jobs right away!

We of course can’t guarantee a job. Once your résumé is provided to the companies, it is up to them to reach and contact you for an interview. It’s important that you continue to look for work using your own means, but the Placement Portal is a great way to be seen as a standout candidate!

Click the logos below to learn about each company!

and check back often. We’re adding more companies all the time!

Trade/Craft will send qualified candidates who have been Certified by the school’s program to applicable companies in the Placement Portal. The decision to send out a resume to certain companies is solely at the discretion of Trade/Craft management. Graduates will not be provided with contact information for any of the Placement Portal companies. It is the responsibility of the student to provide a resume at the completion of classes and certification. Trade/Craft is not responsible for students who fail to provide the necessary material to submit to Placement Portal companies. No job position is implied, nor guaranteed in any way by Trade/Craft or the Placement Portal companies.